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Greg's Wishlist

Greg’s Wishlist

Possible ideas for things I might like 😉

Food & Drink

Easily the simplest category. I don’t drink alcohol anymore, which makes it tricky to have that “reward” for a tough day or a small win. Any of these drinks or nibbles would be a welcome substitute:

  • Bon Accord Sodas - the rhubarb is the best but they’re all good
  • Soda Folk sodas - can’t speak for the other flavours but the cream soda is amazing
  • Kitty’s Ginger warm on a winter night, lovely
  • Medovnik Czech honey cake - I think Marlenka is about the closest you can get in the UK (the nuts are OK on this one)
  • Grassmere Gingerbread - delivery is pricey, get some for yourself too 😉
  • Interesting pates, jams, crisps, biscuits, nibbles are welcome - avoid nuts in general (not allergic, just often not to my taste)
  • Coffe no, Tea yes


Anything sci-fi-ish or pop-science is likely a good fit. Also interested in sociology and community building, or data-ish things

Also the merch for Lone Wolf is good:

Physical Games

  • The Oatmeal Jigsaws - Matthew Inman, nuff said
  • Board Game - Three Kingdoms Redux (very highly rated strategy game for exactly 3 players)
  • Board game - Fauna (good with kids?)
  • Card Game - Elysium
  • Actualol’s Games for couples: 4. Paperback (deck building scrabble? mmmm, sounds my style) 6. CV 7. Battle Line 0. Agricola: All creatures great and small

Tech & Toys

In general, don’t buy me toys - at least not without checking first. I’m quite specific about what I’m looking for in terms of software support, or what it integrates with. But if you’ve got an idea, by all means check - I might love it 😛


  • Walking: Mostly kitted but maps/books/etc are rarely wasted even if it takes a while to get to them
  • 3d Printing: Not sure if there’s much to add here, it’s a technical hobby. But if you have ideas, ask me 😃


Just don’t. It’s a minefield, and I have 146238564 T-shirts already.


Mostly kitted out for big stuff. Yeti make nice things. Space/weight-saving tooling is often cool if not too gimmicky.

Video Games

  • DX Racer chair (expensive! 😛) - DX website
  • Anything off my Steam wishlist - only visible to Steam friends, but here’s the list as of 2023/06/27:
    • Creeper World IXE
    • New Cycle
    • Growth
    • Word Factori
    • Station to Station
    • One Lonely Outpost
    • Frostpunk 2
    • The Thaumaturge
    • Stellaris: Galactic Paragons
    • Dread Pilots
    • Mind Over Magic
    • COCOON
    • Stranded Deep
    • Volcanoids
    • Added on 05/06/2023 ( remove )
    • Songs of Syx
    • Glass Masquerade 3: Honeylines
    • Supraworld
    • The Lamplighters League
    • Age of Wonders 4
    • The House of Da Vinci
    • ENDLESS™ Dungeon
    • Tower Tactics: Liberation
    • Tiny Glade
    • Infection Free Zone
    • Plan B: Terraform
    • Stardeus
    • Surviving the Abyss
    • Old World
    • Peglin
    • The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection
    • RimWorld - Biotech
    • Heart of the Machine
    • Synergy
    • Capes
    • Total War: WARHAMMER II - The Twisted & The Twilight
    • Occupy Mars: The Game
    • Farthest Frontier
    • Last Call BBS
    • Outer Wilds - Echoes of the Eye
    • Raft
    • Nova: Cloudwalker’s Tale
    • Terra Invicta
    • Melody’s Escape 2
    • The Sojourn

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